Why golf?

We may be biased but we believe golf is the greatest sport on earth.  For young people, it helps them learn so many key skills: honesty, integrity, self reliance, problem solving, the feeling of satisfaction from working hard and accomplishing a goal, social skills, overcoming adversity, dealing with disappointment and so much more.

Golf cultivates healthy living habits.  It gets children outside, away from electronic devices and interacting with others face to face.  It requires walking and fitness while placing the players in very beautiful surroundings.

Golf also helps children learn critical thinking skills.  On the golf course, players face ever changing situations that need to be solved.  To be successful, golfers need the mental ability to solve the problem but then the physical skills to execute the plan.

Possibly the best facet of golf is that players of very different skill levels can share the course at the same time and all have fun.  Parents and children can play together, bond and share experiences that will last a lifetime.  This same magic can also happen later in life as golf can be used as a tremendous business tool to establish relationships with key associates.

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