Michigan (Ann Arbor) University - CEO of Canada Premier Royal Golf

Jeevan Sihota

Jeevan started working with John Randle at age 5.  Along the way, he has won 3 world championships for his age group and in 2019, Jeevan was named to the Team Canada Development Squad at age 14.  He is the youngest golfer to ever make this squad.

Linda Luo

Linda Luo was born in Shenzhen. She later emigrated to Canada at the beginning of fifth grade where she began her golfing career. After several years of training, she moved to Florida to join the Missinglink Golf Academy’s in-depth training program. She was fortunate enough to eventually become one of the top 30 golf players in her class through the efforts and support of her couches and family.

By her senior year in high school, Linda Luo had won three AJGA Championships (American youth tournament), five FCWT Championships (Florida teen game) and three MJT Competitions (Canada Youth Competition), as well as several local Florida youth championships. In 2011 Linda was chosen to represent China at the World Cup of Golf in Argentina..

In the fall of 2011, she was awarded a full golf scholarship to Michigan (Ann Arbor) University. During her collegiate career, Linda established herself as the school’s #1 Player after achieving excellent results in several events including winning the University of South Carolina’s invitational.

Linda took Psychology and Asian Studies as major because she thinks it is important to learn how to cope with interpersonal relationships. After she graduated, she took 2 years to study Finance and Management, and then joined in Missing Link golf academy. After she ran business between China and Canada, she discovered that the golf educational system is complicated in Canada. Therefore, she wanted to create a complete system to coach junior in Canada and help them to get into a great college.

Jack Tianyi Cen

Jack Tianyi Cen is a student at the Missing Link Academy. He started his training and guidance when he was 14 years old, focusing on course management, tournament preparation, mental game, athletic and school counseling. Jack was accepted by Cornell University, a prestigious Ivy League school, he is a freshman studying Landscape Architecture.

It is a long way for a kid to become a professional golfer, every step takes effort from the golfer, coordination from the family and academic school and great contribution from golf coach. Missing Link is proud to have played a key part in Jack’s development. Missing Link’s  experience with junior golf training, deep understanding of how to communicate with university golf coaches, personalized instruction tailored to Jack’s needs and guidance for Jack’s family have been integral parts of Jack’s successes to date.

Jack’s university life is proof that Missing Link has found him the best fit for a school team.  Jack was selected from thousands of applicants to the school. Jack’s parents think Jack feels very comfortable and self-confident, his golf coach and his teammates all love him. He is also doing well academically. Jack’s parents are more than comfortable and grateful that Jack is in such a healthy and bright environment.

Danny Walker

I am writing this letter to any parents who might be considering having their child attend Missing Link Golf Academy and also show my gratitude from helping my son Danny live his dream. Danny is currently a sophomore at the University of Virginia and playing on their golf team. He also was part of a historic run in local high school sports by his team winning three straight Florida state championships along with one individual championship. He would have never had this kind  of success if it wasn’t for Missing Link. We are very fortunate to live near the academy in LakeWood Ranch and Danny has been working consistently with Ian since he was 12 years old.

Thanks to Missing Link, I have had several parents and coaches tell me he has one of the better golf swings they have seen. Besides learning the game of golf, Missing Link has

taught Danny the importance of a strong work ethic. Most importantly, he really enjoys working with the coaches and competing with other talented Missing Link students, which has enabled him to maintain his love of the game. The coaches have played many important roles in his life including swing coaches, advisers, mentors, motivators and a friend. Even in college , Ian continues to mentor Danny on what it will take to get to the next level and in helping him reach his golf potential .

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