Junior Consulting Services

We are passionate about helping our athletes reach their goals.  Most of our juniors aspire to play collegiate golf and beyond. To take your game to those heights, there are many parts of the process.  We offer guidance in every element of the quest!

College Consulting

There are a lot of factors to consider to find a good fit for a young student/athletes with respect to school, golf program and community. Our staff has years of experience both playing and coaching college golf in addition to helping guide students through the recruiting and school selection process.

Professional Career Planning

Turning professional and charting the best course for success can be tricky. Our team will help new professionals make the difficult decisions to ensure the best chance for success.

College application

There are lots of steps to successfully applying to university.  Our team will be there helping from start to finish.

College Visit planning

When it comes time to visit potential schools, we will help you finalize the details of these visits for maximum effectiveness and minimal challenge.

Tournament Planning

knowing which tournaments to enter to give the junior golfer the best chance to be seen and then recruited is very important.  We are experts in guiding our students on which tournaments they should be playing as they develop as players.

Tournament Companion

With our coaches all being very successful tournament players, our students often choose to have their coach accompany them to big events.  Having our coach on site at a big event will ensure the best possible preparation for the event, best possible nutrition and sleep management and if desired, the coach can serve as caddy to maximize performance.

Tournament Practice round & Warm-up

Our coaches can also accompany students to practice rounds for local events to help ensure the student has a clear and well thought out game plan for the course.  On tournament days, a coach can be present during warm-up and can caddy for the player to keep them calm and focused on the game plan.

Tournament review

Reviewing tournament rounds is one of the best learning experiences for players developing their ability to shoot lower scores in events.  Having a coach observe the player during an event and then having a review session afterwards is one of the most beneficial ways a player can learn to compete.

So, in addition to our expert coaches and fantastic facilities, our team has the experience and expertise to provide junior golfers with big goals, everything they will need to reach their potential.

Contact us to book a consultation so we can ensure the perfect plan is put in place.