Coach Now

Coach Now is a website and app we use to provide lesson summaries and communicate with our students and parents throughout the year.  One of our coaches or team members will set up an account for each student on Coach Now and will teach students and parents how to access and view their Coach Now “Training Space”.

Foresight Quad launch monitor

Foresight Sports has provided us with our launch monitor we use to measure club delivery and ball flight.  When appropriate, students will have a profile set up for them on Foresight’s online platform so they can access their data whenever they want.  In addition, key data points will be uploaded to students’ Coach Now spaces for easy access.

K-Vest 3D

K-Vest is a system that allows us to measure a student’s swing with far more detail than video.  By placing sensors on the golfer’s upper back, pelvis and lead hand, the system gathers data on how and when a golfer moves during their swing.  The key measures are how much a golfer turns their shoulders and hips and the sequence/timing of when the motions happen.

Our K-Vest system allows our coaches to fine tune our golfer’s swings to increase consistency and get maximum power from each player.

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